Industry 4.0

IPTE offers a maximum of flexibility in the processing of projects and thus contributes significantly to the success of our customers.

Trends such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, IOT, Smart Factory, Big Data or China 2025 are placing new demands on machines and plants today. Intelligent machines that communicate with each other on the basis of Cyber physical systems require special Know-how from machine builders. IPTE has specialized in this area and offers customers appropriate solutions. New machine generations are intelligent and fully integrated. State of the art R&D with the latest technologies enable IPTE to meet the requirements in the areas of digitalization.

The success factor for our customers is IPTE's holistic approach to digitalization, which includes the machine, the realization process with our customers, the tools and the service as a holistic approach. The goal of our machines is to support our customers in optimizing their production in the age of digitalization while optimizing quality and output.