Laser Plastic Welding

What is Laser Plastic Welding?

The basic principle of Laser Plastic Welding (LPW) is laser energy that passes through a transmissive top layer and reaches an absorptive bottom layer. The heat created by the laser energy will melt the materials. The result is a superior weld joint after the material cooled down.      

IPTE has more than 20 years of experience with lasers and implemented it in all kinds of technologies, laser markers, laser routers and of course laser plastic welding. The optimal and closed loop welding process utilizes high speed scanning for quasi-simultaneous welding. Laser plastic welding guarantees a superior clean weld joint. It allows to work with great precision and accuracy, without the generation of dust nor vibrational stress on the product. Laser plastic welding offers flexibility, it is very easy and fast to switch between different products, due to a quick-change price advantageous clamping mechanism. Consumables are not needed, which results in minimal maintenance and low operating costs. The system is controlled using IPTE's user friendly TS1 interface and includes collapse measurement, laser power and force control during the welding process. The welding process is digitally controlled and monitored. The clamping mechanism supports the inner and outer surface of the lid and a superior cooling system improves process control and cycle time. IPTE Laser Plastic Welding is available as in-line or stand-alone.

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