HVAC production line

Fully automated production line


  • Pallet Change time of 2 seconds
  • Cycle time of 39 seconds
  • Automatic greasing with bubble control
  • Automatic assembly of flaps stepper motors with AOI correction for star-shapped rod insertion
  • Automatic screwing, clipping and AOI Inspection
  • Automatic leak test
  • Automatic objective vibration and noise test with automatic connections
  • Automatic assembly and removal of cups
  • More than 60 AOI inspections 

Our Solution

  • System capable to transport a pallet of 1,5m in 2s from one station to another
  • Implementation of a complete software solution allowing the fully configuration of all the I/O devices in each station
  • Noise chamber with automatic motorized doors
  • System to automatically grease several points in one shot controlling the volumen and the lack of bubbles on it.
  • Solution based AOI to automatically correct the position
  • More than 60 cameras doing several tasks:
      - Correction of actuators to connect to the product
      - Measurement of the rotation
      - Presence of all the screws automatically screwed
      - Presence of labels, cables, pipes and any other components
      - Measurement of features such as pipes, diameters or cable routing
      - Bar Code and Data Matrix Reading
  • 10 Robots integrated doing several tasks:
      - Automatic screwing
      - Automatic insertion of driving motors
      - On-board cameras for AOI inspection
      - Corrected pick & place