48 Volt Battery Turnkey Solution

In the latest generation of engines in cars today, an electric motor is used in addition to the combustion engine. In this case, it is located between the combustion engine and the transmission.

Complete assembly and test line including Cell Stacking

The 48-volt battery is less important for the purely electric drive. It is intended to replace the starter motor as well as the current-generating alternator. The 48-volt battery makes it much more powerful than the 12-volt electrical system. 

This lowers fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions by over 10% and can also support the vehicle's engine.

The specific product consists of 12-16 prismatic cells combined into a cell stack.
The cell stack is also equipped with heating plates. This cell stack is built into a housing and equipped with cell contacting modules, electronic control, cooling systems and relais.


  • <20 seconds cycle time
  • Delivery time under 10 months
  • Simultanious engineering - product design changes even after 6 months into the project
  • Product size up to 20kg
  • Several complex processes
  • Material tolerances
  • Over 150 meters production line length
  • Flex Print connections "board to board" (formed and folded into the housing)

Our Solution

  • Standardized design
  • Fast delivery time by using different production sites within the IPTE group
  • Solution for smallest footpring for Cell Stacking with <1,2 seconds per cell
  • Flexible cart-free transportation 
  • Flexible/agile project management which allows the customer to do changes through the complete project
  • Integration of a large number of robots for highly integrated collaborative operations such as carrying and tightening
  • Vision-guided assembly technology, automatic bolting technology, EOL testing technology and more to ensure high quality and consistency of product assembly.

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