Fast semi-automatic rotary table

Assembly semi-automatic

The standard for factory equipment is nowadays more and more going into the direction of combining the expectation of a minimum in investment with the demand of carrying out the actual production processes automatically with very short cycle times. The part of the process which in this case can be cost optimized in parallel is the handling of the material by doing that manually.

IPTE´s concept for meeting these standards is to build custom made semi- automatic rotary table solutions. The main effort for the development of these solutions goes into designing the actual production process accordingly, while operators have the tasks to take care of manually loading/unloading the components needed for production.

The rotary table itself is responsible for realizing the short cycle times.

A further benefit of the semi-automatic rotary table solution is the scalability of production output.

A newly introduced product usually starts with a marginal output to meet the demand. After the product has penetrated the market, a higher demand for the product can be satisfied by simply generating as many copies of the original solution as necessary.

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