Robot Cell for Wheel Bearing and Hinge Bearing Assembly

Wheel Bearing by IPTE

For a German sports car manufacturer IPTE has realized a manufacturing solution to for complete wheel and hinge bearing assemblies. The design, installation and commissioning was realized. This custom made solution was build up with a robot based pre-assembly cell and the main assembly line based on pallets. The tooling preparation for a new variant can be realized in cycle time. Two wheel bearings and two hinge bearings are needed for one car.

The main processes are:

  • Pre-assembly: Z-bearing
  • Pre-assembly: heating unit and bearing assembly for wheel bearing and hinge bearing
  • Pre-assembly: screwing wheel bearing
  • Pre-assembly: break shoe
  • Pre-assembly: adjusting device for fixing break
  • Carrier transfer system
  • Assembling of ABS break sensor, actuator, cover plates, fixing break
  • Joining / assembling of boss and brake disk
  • Automatic camera inspection
  • Measurement of axial run-out
  • Screwing break calliper

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