Assembly Line for Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors by IPTE

The next generation of oven and stove controls will be realized with touch displays. Therefore IPTE has developed and manufactured a fully automatic assembly line to produce such elements. The variety of product variants was from the beginning a major issue, also the precision requirements and the avoidance of air inclusion inside the gluing. This manufacturing equipment is running under clean room conditions (ISO 6) to prevent pollution during the assembly process.

The main processes are:

  • Manual load assembly parts, manual unload final product
  • Cleaning glass
  • Measuring bonding partners (sensor / glass)
  • Removing protection foil from sensor
  • Preparing sensor with plasma
  • Dispensing glue onto glass surface
  • Positioning and assembling sensor onto glass
  • UV pre-curing
  • Assembling / bluing snap-elements on the glass
  • UV final-curing
  • Carrier transport

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