Experience that counts

Although assembly operations are complicated, IPTE offers a solution that is simple, economical and efficient. IPTE has the technology and experience in-house to solve assembly projects in different application areas. These can be in-line processes with pallets carrying the products, or offline processes with rotary tables or individual work stations. Fully automated lines offering lean solutions are part of the portfolio.

Standard assembly concept: Modularity and flexibility

Our range of standard IPTE assembly cells (AFP, A3D, EasyMounter, BATII) enables complex lines to be produced with the option of increasing capacity or complexity as required. System modularity guarantees maximum flexibility. An easy to configure menu structure, with pre-defined software functions, helps the operator with any kind of intervention.

From idea to turnkey automation

Standard systems from IPTE are ideal building blocks to be combined into individual solutions. However, our range of solutions does not stop with modular standard systems. We offer custom-designed assembly systems in a wide area of applications, from lean solutions to highly complex turnkey systems.

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