IPTE Factory Automation n.v.

IPTE Factory Automation n.v. Genk, Belgium

IPTE Factory Automation n.v. is the headquarters of the globally engaged IPTE Group, located in Genk, approximately 100km to the east of Brussels.

Here IPTE engineers and assembles production and test equipment for all of IPTE's core competences.


IPTE engineers and draws up the full range of manufacturing processes: laser marking machines, laser plastic welding, PCB handling equipment, pick and place machines, soldering, welding, standard and customized feeders  (e.g. radial, axial, tube, tray).

Covering the spectrum from stand alone up to fully automated production lines.


IPTE prepares and manufactures customer specific machines/projects and ready for use solutions for the electronic and mechanic industry.

The range covers manual assembly lines as well as  semiautomatic arrangements, fully automatic assembly stations and linked options to build complete turnkey solutions.


IPTE builds, confects and manufactures functional, end of line/final test, flashing and memory load, temperature and burn in test solutions for manual or inline applications up to customized ready for use solutions.

The Fixture House offers bed-of-nails adapters, being designed to the highest standards for an entire range of relevant applications, such as in-circuit tests, functional tests, flash programming and end-of-line product tests.

IPTE Factory Automation n.v.

Geleenlaan 5
3600 Genk

T: +32 89 623 000
F: +32 89 623 010